CityCenter Las Vegas Environmental Graphics and Wayfinding

A truly unique project from the SEGD archives circa 2010, CityCenter Las Vegas had a dream-team of five firms working on experiential graphic design. The 76-acre site sits on one of the world’s most notorious streets, where the development company commissioned eight world-renowned architects, 15 fine artists, more than 250 design firms, and 9,000 construction workers to realize an unprecedented $8.5 billion “urban resort”.

Aileron Environmental Graphics, Signage, and Interpretive Design

Flying High

An executive retreat center near Dayton, Ohio, nods to the region’s aviation heritage and uses architecture, graphics, and interpretive design to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit.

Digital Wayfinding Apps

Wayfinding in Your Pocket

Location-aware smartphone applications are adding a new dimension to traditional wayfinding systems.  

Oasis of the Seas Digital Wayfinding

All Hands on Tech

Royal Caribbean cruises ahead with its biggest ship ever and an interactive wayfinding system that’s making waves.

The cruise ship industry has come a long way in the last few decades. While retirees dominated the passenger population 40 years ago, today’s cruises are family affairs, with guests from ages 8 to 80 and a strong international quotient. To keep the all-important repeat customers coming back for more, cruise ships are upping the ante with offerings akin to floating amusement parks.

City of Dreams Media Facades

Media Macau

In China’s Las Vegas-style gaming mecca, a new hotel/casino complex creates a four-tower digital lightscape.

Macau’s skyline reflects the kaleidoscopic lights and colors of Las Vegas, but the island off mainland China is carving out its own image, far away from the Strip.

Hard Rock Cafe Interactive Exhibits

A Piece of the Rock

Hard Rock’s interactive displays put guests in touch with the magic of rock ’n’ roll.

It may have Cafe or Hotel in the name, but Hard Rock is as much a museum as it is restaurant, hotel, or casino. Its vast memorabilia collection chronicles the history and legacy of rock ’n’ roll, from Eric Clapton’s red Fender Lead II guitar to Jim Morrison’s ripped leather pants. Its more than 72,000 pieces of rock ’n’ roll history are divided among 161 locations worldwide, giving guests in each city just glimpses of the complete collection.

Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal HQ Environmental Graphics

Taking Stock

Environmental graphics for the sleek new Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal headquarters celebrate journalism’s brave new world, but nod respectfully to its past. 

Theatre and Auditorium of Poitiers Graphics and Wayfinding
Theatre and Auditorium of Poitiers Graphics and Wayfinding

Word Play

Vibrant color and Dada-inspired graphics enliven a French performing arts center.

In the ancient French city of Poitiers—known for its medieval architecture and one of the oldest universities in Europe—the new Theatre and Auditorium of Poitiers provides a contemporary contrast. The 345,000-sq.-ft. cube, with its glowing glass façade, enfolds two box-like containers for theater and musical performances.

Rwanda Village Graphics by Alan Jacobson
Rwanda Survivors Village Branding

The Color of Hope

Art and design projects nurture hope and healing in Rwandan genocide survivors.

A little color can be a very powerful thing. 

National Building Museum Green Design Exhibition
Green Community Exhibit

Green Community

Architectural vision, engaging graphics, and the elegant use of green materials tell the stories behind sustainable cities.  

Boeing Future Factory

Finding the Future

In a factory the size of a small city, environmental graphics help boost productivity by connecting the people who build aircraft with those who design them. 

Los Angeles Police Department Memorial to Fallen Officers
Los Angeles Police Department Memorial to Fallen Officers

Badge of Honor

An officer’s badge inspires a shimmering tribute to the LAPD’s fallen officers.

Environmental graphic designers are most often called upon to convey concrete information in a visual language of form and material. It is a rare assignment that asks them to articulate abstract expressions such as reverence, solemnity, and commemoration.

Los Angeles Police Department Memorial to Fallen Officers
Pro Bono Design

Design for Good

Pro bono work not only helps worthy clients communicate their message through design, but provides unexpected benefits for the designers as well.

David Berman ends his manifesto Do Good Design: How Designers Can Change the World with the Do Good Pledge:

1.  I will be true to my profession.
2.  I will be true to myself.
3.  I will spend at least 10% of my professional time helping repair the world.

Photograph of the interior Chinese calligraphy exhibition of The Huntington Library by Tim McNeil
Sustainable Exhibition Design

Due Diligence

A temporary art exhibition helps preserve rare Chinese calligraphy and serves as a model for sustainable exhibition design and construction.  

Ellwood Thompson signage, by Acorn Sign Graphics
Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle for EGD

Green All Over Again

EGD firms are finding new and innovative ways to reduce, re-use, and recycle.

Image of EnCana Denver offices by Gensler
Value Engineering for Sustainability

Value Engineering: the New Reality

In the interest of sustainable practice, we’re all compelled to do more with less. Value engineering can help, if all the stakeholders are on the same page.

TriMet Transit System Signage by Mayer/Reed
TriMet Transit System Signage

Making the Train

Mayer/Reed applies sustainable design approaches in its revamp of signage for Portland’s TriMet transit system.

After almost two decades working with Portland’s TriMet transit system on signage for its bus and light-rail lines, Mayer/Reed has learned some important lessons about providing information to public transit users.

Green Depot
Green Depot Store

Green Depot

Engaging (and sustainable) graphic communication helps Green Depot customers translate environmental research into educated building and life choices.

Design for a living world - Cooper Hewitt Museum
Design for a Living World Exhibit

Design for a Living World

A landmark exhibition at the Cooper-Hewitt casts designers as champions of conservation.

The concept of “truth to materials” is nothing new in the design world. Even before the modern architecture movement made it a central canon, designers have always had a love affair with materials, inspired by their textures and behaviors and often testing their limits.

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