Systeme Huntingdon - introduces Alto

Systeme Huntingdon Inc. (Huntingdon, QC) introduced Alto, a powder-coating process that allows application of vividly colorful graphics to recoverable and recyclable materials such as aluminum, steel, glass, and ceramics.

Alto’s process (graphics embedded in powdercoat through a heat and vacuum process) permits seamless, continuous digital image transfer to flat, textured, and three-dimensional surfaces, says the company. Logos, photographic montages, line drawings, wood grain, or patterns can be permanently incorporated into architectural environments such as interior and exterior murals, wall and floor graphics, tabletops and bases, chairs, access ramps, metal hardware and extrusions, glass partitions and tabletops, and ceramic murals. The powder-coated surfaces emit no VOCs and the process uses water-based inks and favors the use of paint without TGIC.

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