Successful Efforts by the SEGD Accessible Design Task Force

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The SEGD Accessible Design Task Force and our friends at ISA are pleased to share that the desired outcome to defeat five key proposed changes to the International Code Council’s ICC A117.1 was successful. This first round of review included changes that would have increased visual character height in signage to 1”. This summer, the first draft of the next edition to the Standard for Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities manual will be available to the public for review, and will exclude the strongly opposed language.

During the same session, several other changes, generally supported by SEGD and ISA, were approved by the full A117.1 committee. Changes include: clarifications to when visual characters are required below pictograms, requirement for horizontal orientation of raised characters and braille characters, maximum clearances for separation between raised characters and braille, and deleting rules regarding obsolete Remote Infrared Audible Sign system technology. 

“I joined the A117.1 Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities Committee in order to make the standards for communications in the built environment more equitable for all in a way that is supported by design best practices and real-life testimony from the accessibility community. While this first round of voting on proposals is complete, we are now shifting focus to the second round to continue to strive for positive improvement. We are lucky to have more time to prepare our points for discussion and the opportunity to improve these proposals voted down in the small ICC Communications Task Force before we go back before the whole committee,” shared Jessica Shrader, Principal Voting Member of the SEGD Accessible Design Task Force and Senior Project Manager at Entro. 

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