Submitting your Member Bio

One of the great benefits of the new SEGD website is that you get a bio posting for free as a member. Your head shot will be seen on over 180,000 pages a year and will be read about 1,000-1,500 times providing good exposure to a very targeted audience.

In addition the bio will get you into the member Index on the website and help your search rankings. For many members their SEGD bio will come up in the top 10 links for a search of their name because of our SEO policy and the size of's annual traffic, now over 275,000 unique visitors a year. Posting your bio can really help to link people to good information about you as a designer or an industry member.

There are only two conditions for posting a bio on and they both have to do with good SEO practices to ensure that you get good placement. Firstly, your full name needs to be repeated at least 6 times in the text and secondly, we require a minimum of 200 words in order to maximize your search placement.

If you are a member, please log onto the website. Once you are logged-in,


click here


to access the Webform to provide us with your bio information. if you have questions, please call 202-638-5555.

If you are not a member, we would love to welcome you to the SEGD community and you can start the process



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