Submitting your Firm Information

If you are ready to purchase a firm listing please see the instructions at the bottom of this article.

Why do you need a Firm Listing?

It buys you visibility. A Firm Listing is the marketing device you need to connect your firm to the traffic visiting

  • 460,000 annual visits
  • 380,000 unique visitors
  • 3,000,000+ pageviews
  • Over 90,000 outbound links (qualified interested visitors from to members websites


How does a Firm Listing work?

  • It places information about your firm in front of the traffic flow on and enables your firm to be seen by potential customers looking for the services you provide, whether you are a designer, fabricator or vendor
  • Purchasing a Firm Listing adds tags to your Listing that ensures that your firm is added to the Firms page (a top 20 page on the site)
  • It adds your Listing to the random Firms rotation in the righthand column on every one of the 10,000+ pages on the site
  • It gives you exposure among a limited number of firms with visibility on the site, thus increasing your chances of being selected


What is a Firm Listing?

SEGD is a professional association which means it is has individual members. A trade association is driven by firm memberships. This means that member bios are free. Promoting a firm requires a separate Firm Listing Purchase.

A Firm Listing is an exclusive landing page on for your firm. Besides your images and introductory text, it also gathers all content published about your firm on onto this single page.

  • Full-width images of one or more hero projects,
  • Firm's logo
  • Short description of what you do/Competence overview
  • Feature Articles
  • Awards
  • Member News
  • Member Bios
  • Blog articles, your thoughts that you publish on
  • Talks/presentations you give at any SEGD event


See examples here.



Benefits of a firm listing

  • Enables you to publish a page on that highlights your firm's skills and experience
  • Provides access to over 300,000 interested visitors a year on
  • Provides access to 12,000-18,000 annual visitors who identify themselves as clients or potential clients
  • Appears, randomly selected 6 at a time, on the 10,000+ pages of
  • This random rotation delivers about 200,000 page views (impressions) a year creating awareness of your firm and opportunities for visitors to click on your Firm Listing
  • The Firm Listing contains URL links that drive traffic from to your website
  • Enables your firm to be found in SEGD's Firm Search. It will not be included in the search results if you do not have a Firm Listing
  • Provides a single landing page for visitors to explore all content published about your firm on i.e. awards you have won, member news you have posted, and feature articles where you have been mentioned. It is like your own great-looking landing page. Compare and Firm Listing to LinkedIn or Facebook
  • Your Firm logo will also appear on all members associated with your firm on the site, further driving traffic and awareness
  • Your listing will get you into the Firms Index on the website and help your search rankings via an URL with your firm's name in it


Typical results for Firm Listings:

Selbert Perkins SEGD Firm Listing Google Search Result

  • Firm listings occur on every page of
  • Firm listings receive +/- 100,000 impressions or views of your logo. This creates strong name recognition/reminders about your firms presence among the community
  • Firm listings are read by +/- 1,000 visitors a year creating interest in your services and projects
  • In a small user test of 15 firms, we found they had 3-4x the referrals (visitors going from to your site) than they had in the same period the previous year
  • The Drupal powered has great search optimization (SEO), which helps your Firm Listing create awareness in Google search results, often placing in the top 5 results for your firm name*


How to purchase a Firm Listing.

A Firm Listing costs $500.00 for SEGD members, $800.00 for non-members per year(membership costs $375 for a professional designer membership and $765 for an Industry non design professional)

For the cost of a single flight in the USA, you get basic access to the most targeted market for your service in the world.

1. If you are a member, please log onto the website for member pricing. If you are not a member, we would love to welcome you to the growing SEGD community. Join SEGD

2. Buy a Firm Listingand return here to submit the information about your firm at the link below.

2. Access the Webform to provide  the information you would like us to post for your firm. Please note we will modify this text to search optimize it. As soon as we receive your submission, we will call you to bill your credit card.


Not ready to buy a Firm Listing or sign up yet? Why not call Kathleen Turner to have a chat about the advantages of joining the SEGD community at:

+1 703 657 9171

* this is completely dependent on how much web attention you already get, but in most cases we are able to achieve very good results for member firms.


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