Studio SC Goes Natural for Weyerhaeuser HQ

Studio SC Weyerhauser

Stewardship and sustainable forestry are at the heart of Studio SC's graphics and wayfinding system for Weyerhaeuser’s new headquarters in Seattle.

The space is immersive: An expansive image of a Northwest forest understory in the entrance lobby venerates the work and legacy of the company. Natural lighting and the inclusion of natural wood materials throughout the building are significant details that are echoed in the signage.

Studio SC's program brings the beauty of the forest into the workplace. Spanning the entire height of the building are a detailed botanical illustration of a Douglas fir tree and a Loblolly pine tree in the North and South stairwells respectively. Interpretive graphics feature scientific information about the tree based on its age at the corresponding height of the mural at each level.

The Weyerhaeuser team is expected to move into their new space in fall of 2016.

Illustrations by Olivia Knapp.


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