Studio SC

Studio SC (Seattle) designed a wayfinding master plan for Seattle Children’s Hospital. The overhaul affects the 24-acre campus and includes the new Building Hope cancer and critical care expansion. To redefine the hospital’s wayfinding experience, Studio SC created a comprehensive program with a new zoning strategy and signage system and collaborated with Lab Partners to create artwork that enhances the zone identification and reinforces the wayfinding program.

A garage art screen designed by Studio SC is also being installed this month at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tacoma, Wash. To soften the visual impact of the hospital's new parking garage, Studio SC designed a block-long, two-story art piece constructed of perforated-aluminum panels featuring half-tone images of neighborhood children, community leaders, and nurses who have worked at the hospital over the past century. The screen, accented with splashes of color, brightens up the street and reflects the community's diverse makeup and history.

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