Stubblefield Joins SEGD Xlab 2013

Sam Stubblefield, who leads experience design projects for the likes of Amazon, Google, Centre Pompidou, Microsoft, and MIT, will bring his digital/physical perspective to Xlab 2013: Experience + Interaction in Public Space, October 24 in New York.

Stubblefield leads Experience Design and Digital/Physical Practices at NBBJ Studio 07, a group with roots in branded environments, environmental graphic design, and wayfinding.

With play as a required part of his process, Stubblefield makes public art, is co-founder of an architecturally-oriented, future-focused incubator, is an instructor at The Experience Institute, and is involved with several start-ups in the digital/physical space.

Stubblefield’s work has contributed to projects that have won AIA Honor awards, the MOBIUS Gold Award, an SEGD Honor Award, the Cannes Lions International Award, and multiple IIDA awards.

Lately he spends his time at NBBJ working with Amazon, Centre Pompidou, Google, Kaiser Permanente, Microsoft Research, and MIT to create experiences and make things that connect people with each other.

This year, Xlab focuses on the evolving nature of interaction in public spaces and how design and technology can be used to reconnect and reengage us with the physical environment. The lab happens October 24 at the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, Queens, New York. Xlab participants will explore a wide range of topics impacting design, technology, and innovation, including:

Situational Awareness: Looking Up, Looking Out
What innovative experiences and platforms are being used to challenge “device blindness”? How can we design experiences that invite people to be more aware of their physical environments, and each other?

Conversations in the City
How are voice interactivity and other responsive digital agents helping make cities and their public gathering spaces more inviting and accessible?

Urban Ephemera: Designing Experience
How are public art installations using interaction to strengthen connections between people and place? How can art and environmental graphics enrich the conversations around our shared urban experiences?

Shifting Practice: Toward Dynamic Experience
What does it take to transform a design practice that has worked primarily within static information and experience design into one that creates more performative and responsive spaces?

The Future
How will the design of our cities and public spaces continue to respond to our information-saturated, data-driven culture? This session will recap the day and pose new, provocative questions about the role of design and technology in our world.

“Xlab was designed as a venue for examining how we can all use technology in our work creating experiences,” says Leslie Wolke (Leslie Wolke Consulting), Xlab Founding Chair and a member of the SEGD Board of Directors. “The Museum of the Modern Image provides an amazing, inspiring space to explore the dynamic between design, technology, and innovation.”

The event is being co-chaired by Bryan Meszaros (OpenEye), also an SEGD Board member. An October 23 pre-Xlab reception is planned in Manhattan. For more information or to register, click here.

Thank you to our 2013 Xlab sponsors: Daktronics (Presenting Sponsor) and Electrosonic.

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