Strategy Brochure for Toronto's Financial District

After design­ing the new visual iden­tity includ­ing appli­ca­tions for the streetscape brand­ing and their graphic stan­dards, Toronto Finan­cial District engaged Entro(Toronto) to develop a Public Realm Strat­egy brochure for the members of the BIA that docu­ments exist­ing condi­tions in the district and displays best prac­tices from other cities with the goal of improv­ing Toronto’s Finan­cial District.

The brochure includes info­graph­ics and maps show­ing the economic impact of the district in compar­i­son to the rest of the city, and the bene­fits of invest­ing in the public realm.

Entro’s design team created an infor­ma­tive and engag­ing brochure. Section titles with the symbol as a graphic element, color­ful maps and info­graph­ics, and large photographs peppered through­out the brochure helped to achieve this. Inter­est­ing items in the brochure include the graphic illus­tra­tions of down­town build­ings since the 60s.

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