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These Podcasts help you to understand the fundamentals of running a successful professional design practice. Firm leaders rank Professional Practice skills as most important for mid and senior level designers to develop.

Members: $10, Non-members $30, Students $10

Digital Marketing 101
55-323 How to align your brands' core values with its day-to-day marketing actions.
Podcast Lynne Bernhardt
55-296 - Lynne Bernhardt: Budgeting by a designer for designers
Specifying MAterials to make Budget Podcast by Jon Richards and Phil Bolduc of SEGD
55-131 - Jon Richards: Understanding the criteria that effect cost when making materials choices
Budgeting for EGD the Fabricator Perspective_SK Rao for SEGD
55-303 - S. K. Rao: How to make informed decisions about design, material, processes and installation to control costs
Podcast Virginia Gehshan
55-300 - Virginia Gehshan explains the basic building blocks of a standard contract
Podcast Virginia Gehshan
55-190 - The background to the SEGD Standard Client Contract
Podcast - Preparing Clients for Digital Signage, Sean Matthews, Visix
55-305 - Digital signage terminology, technology and the most important questions to ask your clients to start the digital conversation
Podcast - Mastering Specifications, Keith Davis and Grady Brown
55-284 - Understand the role of specifications and how they make or break your design.
SEGD Podcast: Developing a Documentation Process
55-197 - This podcast focuses on best practices in the development of EGD documentation packages
SEGD Podcast | The Logical Document with Scott Souchock
55-166 - Explore the connection between Design Intent document and database
Podcast | A linear approach to design documentation with James Keppel
55-148 - Using the documentation process to keep moving the design process forward
SEGD Podcast | Better Design Intent Documents with Mark Andreasson
55-110 - Design Intent Documentation is critical to become an effective Experiential Graphic Designer
Podcast Virginia Gehshan
55-101 - Background to how the Standard SEGD Agreement Form was developed
SEGD Podcasts | Design Intent Documentation Standards
55-184 - Learn what level of detail is required at each stage of the design process
SEGD Podcast | Billing Approaches for EGD Firms
55-157 - A discussion of different billing approaches and experiences
SEGD Podcast | Specifications for Signage and Interior Signage
55-119 - Covers CSI and Masterspec formats. Learn how to write a tightly worded specification for an EGD project
EGD Fundamentals Podcasts Header

SEGD Podcasts are 30-60 minute sessions with experts in the field discussing processes and methods that they use to solve common problems encountered by professionals in the field of Experiential Graphic Design.

Members: $10, Non-members $30, Students $10

Podcast Tom Esch, Yolanda Partida, and David Middleton
55-223 - Tom Esch, Yolanda Partida, and David Middleton explain naming testing and research in multiple contexts.
Sign Location Plans
55-324 Cloud-based approaches for surveying and managing sign assets.
Changing Space with Technology
55-322 Tech-enabled workflows and platforms redefining how we design spaces.
Balancing Physical + Digital with Immersive Environments
55-321 Finding balance between physical and digital engagement when creating immersive environments.
Click to find out more about the SEGD Podcast: Design and Technology
55-327 A discussion about the role of digital technology and design in the creation of experiences.
Podcast Jack Biesek
55-153 - Learn more about the technology used in creating message schedules with Jack Biesek and Dan Monaghan.
Podcast Bob Loza + Anton Werner
55-104 - Bob Loza and Anton Werner give an overview of the relationship between designers and fabricators.
Podcast Tanuj Parikh
55-299 - Using sensors in design and architecture projects to enhance the user experience.
Podcast Keith Davis
55-298 - Learn the ins and outs of detailing with Keith Davis.
Podcast Greg Neely + Jeff Collard
55-297 - Digital signage across various markets and industry verticals.
Podcast Ross Hancock
55-295 - Walk through the basic A to Z of LED technology with Ross Hancock of GableVision.
Podcast 11 Speakers
56-101 - Hear about the latest and greatest in urban wayfinding from industry experts.
Podcast Seth Davis + Daniel Brown
55-257 - Seth Davis and Daniel Brown explain SketchUp both from the fabrication and design standpoints.
Podcast Tom Esch, Yolanda Partida, and David Middleton
55-223 - Tom Esch, Yolanda Partida, and David Middleton explain naming testing and research in multiple contexts.
Podcast Seth Davis
55-221 - Sketchup explained with Seth Davis and Andy Parsons.
Podcast Lance Wyman
55-195 - Lance Wyman walks us through his design philosophy and the use of colors and symbols in EGD.
Podcast David Middleton
55-186 - David Middleton discusses techniques and considerations of designing information design and wayfinding systems.
Podcast Gary Stemler, Dave Noshay, and Robert Brengman
55-169 - Gary Stemler, Dave Noshay, and Robert Brengman talk modular systems.
Podcast Phil Engelke, Jim Harding, Jim Alderman, and Dick Nicolson
55-168 - Phil Engelke
, Jim Harding, Jim Alderman
, and Dick Nicolson
 talk through the role that architecture plays in EGD.
Cultural and Multicultural Issues in EGD, Jim Bolek
55-163 - A multicultural world has language barriers, educational, cultural, and technological separations that impact design.
Podcast Craig Berger
55-162 - International Wayfinding has a 150 year old history that is rich and fascinating
Podcast Phil Garvey
55-158 - Phil Garvey unpacks research and its direct impact on Experiential Graphic Design
Podcast George Lim
55-147 - George Lim talks us through core design intent documents
Podcast Jonathan Alger
55-143 - Jonathan Alger talks storytelling in EGD: what it is, how to use it, and effective examples.
Podcast Jeff Damm
55-137 - Jeff Damm explains the ins and outs of using color and light.
Podcast Massimo Vignelli + Joel Katz
55-126 - Massimo Vignelli and Joel Katz walk us through information design in map environments.
Paul Mijksenaar Schipol Airport Wayfinding - Visual Design for EGD
55-123 - Leading information designer Paul Mijksenaar gives us the must-know fundamentals for any designer
Podcast Alan Jacobson, Hans Krake, and Robert Agosta
55-122 - Learn about recognizing donors in this podcast.
Podcast Gladys Brenner
55-113 - Gladys Brenner explains building numbering and design in the context of ADA specifications
SEGD Podcast, Recreation: Amusement Parks and Tourist Centers
55-109 - Ann Tryba, Chris Barker, Robert Goes, and Kevin Healy discuss the latest and greatest in recreation.
SEGD course the foundations of Wayfinding, Romedi Passini and Sue Gould
55-106 - The beginnings of a formal profession.
Podcast Andrew Bertucci
55-103 - Learn what it takes to make signs legible
Jack Biesek and Max Heim talk about creating and using messages schedules for SEGD
55-102 - Jack Biesek and Max Heim talk about creating and using messages schedules for SEGD
Podcast John Bosio
55-244 - Incorporating mobile media in design projects.
Podcast Ferdinand Meyer V
55-151 - Numbering conventions for airports, hospitals, and office complexes.
Podcast John Muhlhausen
55-150 - Creating design guidelines that ensure long-lasting and complete consistency.
Podcast Bob Loza + Tom Horton
55-115 - Using wayfinding and information design to make buildings secure.
Podcast Amy Rees + Adrian Bell
55-279 - Wayfinding on college campuses with Amy Rees and Adrian Bell.
Podcast Lucy Holmes + Simon Borg + Jason Smith
55-278 - Integrating wayfinding and public information systems in the UK.
Podcast 2013 Awards Follow-Up
55-273 - Find out what you missed at the 2013 Global Design Awards and gain insight on the winning projects.
Podcast Chris Calori + Teresa Cox + Ken Ethridge
55-268 - Get up to speed on the latest ADA requirements for signage and information in public environments.
Podcast Michael Gericke + Andrew Kuzyk
56-134 - Identity and wayfinding analysis for a variety of projects across several industry verticals.
Podcast David Vanden-Eynden + Jan Lorenc + Kevin Kern
55-165 - This course will discuss integrating wayfinding in the developing and modern world of Asia and the Middle East.
Podcast Paul Mijksenaar + Graham Hanson + Christian Lunger
55-134 - Learn about wayfinding and EGD in Europe from experts Paul Mijksenarr, Graham Hanson, and Christian Lunger.
Podcast Wayne Hunt + John Bosio
55-176 - The challenges and considerations in incorporating multiple languages in wayfinding programs.
EGD Podcast Collections

EGD Podcasts offer real value. We have packaged many individual podcasts into a single collection around specific topics. They may contain between 10 and 30 individual speaker sessions of between 30-60 min! If you want to gain in-depth insights hear about project case studies and learn about different ways of working about a specific topic, these collections will give you plenty of food for thought.

Members: $50, Non-members $150, Students $50

Fundamentals Course Header
Fundamentals Course Header
55-293 The perfect starter for people who have design knowledge, but would like to become an experiential graphic designer as well as students and educators.
Fundamentals in Practice for Emerging Designers
55-294 This pack is the follow on collection to the Intro EGD Pack Fundamentals for students and educators.
Fundamentals of Global Graphic Design
55-292 Fundamentals of Global Experiential Graphic Design
Click to see the details of the Dynamic Signage Collection Course Pack
55-286 Learn how to develop a story, selecting the technologies, and define a content management program for dynamic digital installations.
Click to read more about the SEGD Healthcare Podcast Collection
55-287 Understand Experiential Graphic Design in Healthcare systems including evidence based research and case studies.
Click to read more about the SEGD Transportation Podcast Collection
55-288 Case studies for Airports, Train Stations, and Mass Transit systems are covered from both an information design, and experience design perspective.
Click to read more about the SEGD Branded Environments Podcast Collection
55-289 - For design professionals working on projects with a focus on branding, identity, and experience design.
Click to read more about the SEGD Placemaking Podcast Collection
55-290 Learn about placemaking in retail, learning campuses, public spaces, cities and parks.
Click to access the SEGD Experience Design Course Pack
55-187 Explore the foundations of the practice areas of experience and exhibition design.
Advanced EGD Podcasts Header

These Podcasts contain material that are suitable for Professional EGD Design Practitioners.

Sign Location Plans
Teaser Text:
55-324 Cloud-based approaches for surveying and managing sign assets.
Digital Marketing 101
Teaser Text:
55-323 How to align your brands' core values with its day-to-day marketing actions.
Changing Space with Technology
Teaser Text:
55-322 Tech-enabled workflows and platforms redefining how we design spaces.
Balancing Physical + Digital with Immersive Environments
Teaser Text:
55-321 Finding balance between physical and digital engagement when creating immersive environments.
2018 Podcast | Sketchup for EGD: Modeling Signs, Graphics and Spaces
Teaser Text:
55-320 Navigate through Sketchup while creating design environments from scratch.
Designing Donor Wall Story Walls
Teaser Text:
55-319 Design processes for developing effective donor recognition/story walls.
Enhancing Wayfinding for Aging Travelers and Persons with Disabilities
Teaser Text:
55-318 Developing effective pedestrian wayfinding through universal design strategies.
2018 Podcast | The Universal Language of Symbols, Signs & Icons
Teaser Text:
55-317 An overview of how to effectively create and use symbols for clearer wayfinding.
2017 Podcast | Team Dynamics: Managing Designers
Teaser Text:
55-316 Explore the fundamental knowledge of XGD, to the dynamics of working in a design team.
2017 Podcast | Innovating Environments with Digital-Physical Installations
Teaser Text:
55-315 Building solutions that play a major role in our daily environments.
2017 Podcast: From Design Thinking to Design Doing
Teaser Text:
55-314 How we use design thinking while transforming the banking industry.
2017 Webinar | 3D Modeling for the Design-Build Project
Teaser Text:
55-312 Utilize 3D modeling from preliminary concept design from start to finish.
2017 Webinar | Color Science: Foundations for XGD
Teaser Text:
55-311 Generating color through light, vision, contrast, color spaces and more.
2017 Webinar | Sketchup: 3D Fundamentals for XGD
Teaser Text:
55-310 Create your designs or refresh your rendering skills through Sketchup.
2017 Webinar | Smart Cities and the Future of Connected Public Spaces
Teaser Text:
55-309 How smart cities are creating new opportunities for connectivity in public spaces.
2017 Webinar | Materials and Methods: Powder Coating for Graphics
Teaser Text:
55-308 History and innovation behind powder coating and how it's being employed today.
2016 Webinar | Designing with Code
Teaser Text:
55-306 Learn foundational web skills and platforms that you can use in digital design projects.
2016 Webinar | Digital Interactive Experiences
Teaser Text:
55-304 Setting technology to the right environments when designing digital interactive experiences.
2016 Webinar | Digital Directory
Teaser Text:
55-302 Explore the process of moving directories from print to digital.
Webinar 2016 | Advanced Detailing
Teaser Text:
55-301 Methods used for model object management including layers/scenes/grouping/components.
2014 Webinar | Navigation: Digital Mapping + Mobile Apps
Teaser Text:
55-285 The use of mobile for mapping and specialized applications and projects.
2014 Webinar | Demystified: Specs for EGD
Teaser Text:
55-284 - Understand the role of specifications and how they make or break your design.
2014 Webinar | Beyond Screens: Immersive Experiences
Teaser Text:
55-283 Discuss essential insights and best practices when working in the digital medium.
Teaser Text:
55-282 Methods used for managing, generating and sharing location plans and messaging schedules.
2014 Podcast | Metrics for Healthcare Environments
Teaser Text:
55-281 Measurable effectiveness of facility performance and overall user satisfaction.
Teaser Text:
55-280 Software integrating code with parametric design principles to create visually compelling experiences.
Click to access the SEGD Exoperience & Exhibition Design Podcast
Teaser Text:
55-187 How experiential design, wayfinding and placemaking all come together to create lasting experiences for visitors.
Teaser Text:
55-121 - Learn how to plan and design signs that are built to last.
Teaser Text:
55-142 A detailed look at the components and economics of digital signage systems.
Teaser Text:
56-161 Fabricator's and Designer's discuss creating dynamic digital signage.
Teaser Text:
56-146 Speaker's discuss how they created digital dynamic environments in 23 project examples.
Teaser Text:
56-120 Improving systems for hospital facilities as well as understanding new technologies, methodologies and measurements.
Teaser Text:
56-155 Hear how language and visual communications in healthcare wayfinding are vastly changing for the better.
Teaser Text:
56-140 Understanding and developing wayfinding systems and signage solutions through complex facilities.
Teaser Text:
55-216 What solutions are increasing the scale/scope of an identity in different branded environments.
Teaser Text:
55-108 Discuss efforts that go into designing huge placemaking and wayfinding projects.
Teaser Text:
55-161 Demystifying the delivery of digital content. The how, the what, and the ROI.
Teaser Text:
55-141 Learn what parameters are needed in your digital signage projects for transportation.
Teaser Text:
55-120 Learn about the different light technologies, LCD, LED, Plasma, OLED and Neon.
Teaser Text:
55-194 How pleasing colors, materials and forms boost positive energy throughout health facilities.
Teaser Text:
55-198 Learn how healthcare facilities are developing specific standards for information delivery.
Teaser Text:
55-182 Delve into the development of design standards in hospitals, health systems and government.
Teaser Text:
56-115 Learn what tasks an environmental graphic designer takes on in transportation design projects.
Teaser Text:
55-132 Leading designers in the field gather and discuss their experiences in retail wayfinding.
Teaser Text:
56-141 360-degree perspective on process and rethinking design in alignment with strategy.
Teaser Text:
56-103 Focuses on branding and identity issues specifically related to non-profit facility's.
Teaser Text:
56-121 How identity can be incorporated into a number of levels, and how identity effectiveness can be measured.
Teaser Text:
55-201 Learn all about the design process and theories for branded environments in this podcast.
Teaser Text:
56-107 A series talk on identity, wayfinding and sign system design for non-profit organizations.
Teaser Text:
55-216 Increasing the scale and scope of an identity, unique installations in global branded environments.
Teaser Text:
56-132 Which design methodologies are being applied in broadening the scope of environmental graphic design.
Teaser Text:
55-129 The course discusses strategies for updating wayfinding systems when facilities are extended.
Teaser Text:
55-145 Discussion on design processes for creating short term exhibits and permanent museum type exhibits.
Teaser Text:
55-173 Covering a variety of testing techniques used in trade show design, museum exhibit design and experience design.
Teaser Text:
55-277 Learn about current trends and state of interactive technology in the built environment.
Teaser Text:
55-276 Focused on the current trends and state of transportation based EGD projects in North America with a focus on Rail.
Teaser Text:
55-275 Focused specifically on the current trends and state of Media Centric EGD projects.
Teaser Text:
55-269 Two presentations on different approaches to Children's Hospital wayfinding systems.
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