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New SEGD Board Members, Aki Carpenter and Dayton Schroeter
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Steve Bayer is a member of the 2021 SEGD Board of Directors. He rejoined the Board in 2019, having previously served on the SEGD Board from 2011-2016.

Steve Bayer has been actively involved in and has led Daktronics’ partnership with SEGD since. During that span, he’s forged unique relationships with creative designers, technology integrators, and fabrication partners that push the boundaries of the perception of what digital media can be in the built environment. Partnerships that simply wouldn’t have been possible without SEGD. In addition, Steve has been instrumental in establishing Daktronics as an annual SEGD Industry Partner.

As a Special Projects Director for Daktronics, Steve regularly collaborates with architects and designers throughout the United States to bring their designs to life in unique and inspiring digital environments. He has been with Daktronics since 2001.

Read more about Steve Bayer at Daktronics.


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