Stephen Minning

HEadshot of Stephen Minning, Managing Director of BrandCulture
Sydney, Australia

SEGD Global Design Awards

World Square Carpark, Brookfield Multiplex, BrandCulture Communications
World Square Carpark
University of Technology, Sydney, BrandCulture Communications
University of Technology, Sydney
Sydney Water: By The Sweat Of Their Brows, Sydney Water, BrandCulture Communications
Sydney Water: By The Sweat Of Their Brows

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2018 SEGD Board Member

Stephen Minning, Founder and Director of BrandCultureand Pam Wayfindingis a branding and wayfinding specialist with over 20 years' international experience working with blue-chip companies and public-sector organizations.

In 2003, Stephen Minning founded BrandCulture, collaborating on award-winning experiential graphic design projects with leading architects, property developers and interior designers.

In 2016, he launched Pam Wayfinding,an all-in-one sign management application, which handles audit, planning, design, implementation and maintenance. Education, healthcare and transport facilities globally use Pam to create spaces that are easy to navigate and encourage exploration.

Representing a decade of design excellence, BrandCulture's work has been acknowledged by design awards and publications globally, while Pam Wayfinding is changing the way people navigate campuses around the world.

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2017 Wayfinding Boston - Innovating the Passenger Experience - Stephen Minning

2017 Wayfinding Boston - Dialogue

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