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Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center Media Façade

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Stefan Hofmann is a member of Electric Coffin, a studio in Seattle, Washington. 

Electric Coffin is a process-driven studio, coming from a long lineage of high craftsmanship and material-based making. The conceptual narrative defines each project and how the team moves through it. They generally work with architects and developers to create new spaces or to develop fine art installations on large-scale projects. 

Stefan Hofmann is also a founder of Spacecraft Collective clothing, which is sold at retailers nationwide. Spacecraft has always been about the process of making and experimentation. Though not always the quickest or easiest route, this method of interaction yields highly refined offerings of art and product. 

"The visual annunciation of ideas represents the most ubiquitous form of communication. We are confronted with over 100,000 images a day containing information. This kind of saturation has created a visually astute culture; capable of “seeing” complete ideas at a glance. My work is a distillation of meaning. Confronted with the irreconcilability of life its divine implications and its violence; I work to build a bridge constructed from archetypal iconography clad in a pop sensibility. I enjoy creating these narrative structures with multiple levels of meaning. Each image a vignette from a larger unfolding story; I work to capture the concise moment of transition in these stories capable of translating insight and change into this space." - Stefan Hofmann  

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