Stacey Martens

Stacey Martins, Bluecadet

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Stacey Martens is a Senior Creative Developer with Bluecadet in Philadelphia. She works with teams to create physical interactives, striving to present stories and experiences in ways that encourage exploration. She’s frequently presented with content-heavy challenges, and is driven to find ways technology can help make large amounts of information easy to navigate. Stacey’s interests in design and development pair well with the team at Bluecadet, where attention to detail and experimentation are part of every project.

"Successful interactives begin with project requirements and goals, and end with what the team of creatives can imagine and produce. There’s a balance along the way; using vetted method while staying flexible and customizing workflow based on technology, content and space. Using case studies, we’ll explore the structure of Bluecadet’s project teams, and discuss how we phase projects, iterate, test, and ultimately create engaging experiences."

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