Sponsors and Supporters

SEGD would like to thank the following companies for becoming our 2020 Industry Partners. Their commitment will have a tremendous impact on advancements in the field and will enhance industry education, publications, and events.

Platinum Industry Partner

Daktronics, 2020 Platinum Industry Partners  DCL, 2020 SEGD Platinum Industry Partners


Gold Industry Partner

Gemini, 2020 SEGD Gold Industry Partner  SenovvA, 2020 Gold Industry Partners  Color-Ad, 2020 SEGD Gold Industry Partner


Silver Industry Partner

  Direct Embed, 2020 Silver Industry Partners  Image Manufacturing Group, 2020 SEGD Silver Industry Sponsor  bluemedia, 2020 SEGD Sliver Industry Partner  2020 SEGD Silver Industry Partner, archetype

2020 SEGD Silver Industry Partner, Designtex



Bronze Industry Partner

2020 SEGD Bronze Industry Partner, Rainier



 SEGD would like to thank the following companies for becoming our 2019-20 Friends of SEGD. These design organizations have made a significant contribution to the field of experiential graphic design and the young designers' programming to foster future generations of innovators.

Friends of SEGD

Kolar Design, 2020 Friends of SEGDCloud Gehshan, Friends of SEGDfd2s, Friends of SEGDGraham Hanson Design, Friends of SEGDMayer/Reed, Friends of SEGDGallagher and Associates, Friends of SEGD



For more information on SEGD's Industry Partner Program and Friends of SEGD, contact:

Kathleen Turner
Director of Business Development
[email protected]rg




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