Space for Expression, Maintaining Spontaneity - Meow Wolf

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Keynote: Space for Expression
Maintaining Spontaneity at Scale
Ali Rubinstein, Chief Creative Officer, Co-CEO, Meow Wolf
Genell Hoechstetter, Senior Creative Director, Meow Wolf
Sean Di Ianni, Founder + Executive Vice President, Meow Wolf
Josh Goldblum, Founder + CEO, Bluecadet, Philadelphia Co-Chair, Moderator

Having begun as an informal, structureless arts collec- tive in Santa Fe in 2008, Meow Wolf has grown to be a leading creative studio pushing the boundaries of immer- sive art and harnessing business to create positive social impact. Ali, Sean and Genell will talk about the process of building and operating audacious new immersive art- works from the ground up and the challenges of evolving our creative practice at scale.

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