Sofia Krasnaya

Sofia Krasnaya
Moscow, Russia

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I am an environmental designer focused on urban, event, and exhibition projects.

I am passionate about creating places full of energy, beauty, and meaning. I believe that using design tools is possible to find a solution to large scale social issues. Design enriches places with a unique power, giving them both function and aesthetic.

Originally from Moscow, I graduated from Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Design and Applied Arts (Stroganov Academy) with a BA in design and currently do my MA in the same department. As the thesis, I developed the project of a multifunctional mobile cultural center for Russian single-industry towns. This project had a strong social impact, trying to solve the problem of social and cultural exclusion. Since that moment, I have been intensely interested in reaching social justice and increasing the quality of life using creative design tools. For now, my master’s thesis refers to this issue as well. As a design researcher, I took part in international conferences and forums and wrote several articles referring to my master’s thesis.

I am a practicing designer, as well. In 2018 I had an internship in the Architectural Bureau «Asadov,» where I concentrated on design pre-project research, environmental analysis, and creative concept development. Past two years, I have been working as a designer at «Simpla Studio» and involved in the event and retail design projects for Nike, Ugg, Reebok, and many more. Also, I have experience working as a designer on an international project — the event in Madrid, Spain.

The primary goal that I pursue is to enrich a project with innovative solutions and unique meanings that helps people live happier and feel their significance in daily life.

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