Skin – Pavilion of Knowledge

Honor Award

The Pavilion of Knowledge in Lisbon is an interactive science and technology museum that aims to make science accessible to all. Through its exhibits and educational programs, its goals are to stimulate experimentation and exploration of the physical world.

Design firm P-06 Atelier (Lisbon) collaborated with project architects JLCG Architects to create an environmental “skin” for the museum’s multi-purpose foyer.

Due to the diverse uses of the space, the design team’s intent was to create a texture for a perforated wall that would be functional for acoustic and lighting purposes. They were inspired by the ubiquitous ASCII (the American Standard Code for Information Interchange) codes used for emails and HTML as an analogy for the museum’s mission to share information.

By creating different texture densities consisting of larger or smaller cuts in the metal “skin,” P-06 controlled acoustic percentages and the openings in the window areas of the rear rooms. LED white lightning between the wall and the skin was balanced with natural light.

Jury Comments: 

“This project makes beauty from simple information. The multi-purpose room is expressive and yet seemingly calm; the graphics are playful and not overpowering. The surrounding skin is translucent, all making for a unique experience.”

“A most appropriate solution. Powerful use of symbology, light, and space. Makes visitors feel as if they are in The Matrix.”

Design Firm: 

P-06 Atelier, JLCG Architects


Pavilion of Knowledge (Ciência viva)

Location City: 

Lisbon, Portugal

Project Area: 


Open Date: 


Project Budget: 


Photo Credits: 

Ricardo Gonçalves

Design Team: 

Nuno Gusmão (principal/creative director, P-06 Atelier); João Luís Carrilho da Graça (principal in charge, JLCG Architects); Giuseppe Greco, Vera Sacchetti (designers, P-06 Atelier); Pedro Abreu (architect, JLCG Architects)




ACF (construction, installation, and lighting), Demetro a Metro (signage system, vinyl film)

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