Simon Cohen

Simon Cohen
Brentwood, UK

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We help local authorities and other public sector and community-focused organisations by using design and strategy to help them connect more effectively with their communities and stakeholders.
We are passionate about design, and the power of good design to change and improve people's lives and the society we live in.

We create work that makes people feel better about the places that they live, work and play, and more connected to the people that they share those places with. And we do that by helping to define clear positioning and creating distinctive visual identities and experiential design schemes which connect organisations and initiatives with people through ideas of place and culture.
We love partnering with public sector, social enterprises and third sector organisations who share our ambitions.

Strategic branding, experiential and environmental design, as part of wider placemaking strategies, can help to improve neighbourhoods and build stronger communities.

We work with local authorities and community organisations on projects which build lasting relationships between them, their stakeholders and the environments they share.

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