SignAgent Inc. Launches Cloud-based SignAgent with Free Trial

SignAgent Inc. announces the launch of SignAgent

SignAgent Inc. announces the launch of SignAgent™,  a new all-in-one cloud-based wayfinding and project management platform. SignAgent allows for easy surveying, planning, programming and maintenance of signage and can automatically create fabrication-ready vector artwork right from the system.

SignAgent promises a significant shift in how sign designers, managers and fabricators do their work, increasing the speed of project delivery, reducing errors and improving collaboration between all project partners using only one software.

“As a former wayfinding designer, my goal from the beginning has been to simplify wayfinding planning design, implementation and maintenance for everyone involved,” said David Jorritsma, president of SignAgent Inc. “SignAgent enables signage professionals to further improve their accuracy and efficiency, freeing up their time to focus on other creative and important work. And moving to the cloud enables them to do their work from anywhere and share their projects with others in real time.”

SignAgent™ is a monthly subscription-based service, which is discounted for those who make a one-year commitment. Interested parties are invited to a one-month full access free trial by visiting the website:

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