Shikatani Lacroix Drives adidas Golf Brand

Shikatani Lacroix (Toronto) partnered with Adidas Golf to create new in-store interactive digital experiences aimed at building brand equity and increasing sales.

Adidas Golf wanted to explore how its brand identity could play a greater role in building brand equity, particularly in creating a new and unique engagement strategy to draw more customers into its retail space. Shikatani Lacroix helped the sports-gear giant synergize the link between technology and marketing, and create a story that drives brand awareness for Adidas Golf.

The process included creating interactive digital experiences through shelf displays and digital messaging to engage customers and elevate the success of Adidas Golf retail strategies.

The digital signage aims to showcase Adidas’ forward-thinking approach to merchandise, gaming insight, and innovation. As part of the goal to engage and excite customers about the products, Adidas was given an avenue to increase brand loyalty, conversion and, ultimately, sales.

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