Shikatani Lacroix Designs the Customer FLOW

Shikatani Lacroix Designs the Customer FLOW

Shikatani Lacroix (Toronto) worked with Cable & Wireless Communications to reinvent its consumer-facing retail brand FLOW.

CWC is a full-service telecommunications provider operating in 16 countries throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. The design of the new flagship stores introduces an entirely new retail experience, featuring state-of-the-art technology, high-end fixtures, and upscale finishes. Shikatani Lacroix improved customer service and increased sales by seamlessly integrating digital experiences into the customer journey.

Shikatani Lacroix's challenge was to design an in-store experience that allowed customers to shop the way they desired, guided or self-directed, in a retail environment that delivered tiered service and privacy. The new retail design had to entertain and engage customers while addressing security measures and long queues. Customer service was improved by providing the ability to reserve a spot online and pay bills at a kiosk within the store, rather than at a teller.

The flagship store opened in Montego Bay, Jamaica, in October 2015, and its design will be replicated across the Caribbean. For more detail, visit the Shikatani Lacroix website.

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