Shawn Gharagozlu

Shawn Gharagozlu is a Graphic Designer at PSM Squared in Tempe, Arizona
Tempe, Arizona

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Shawn Gharagozlu is a Graphic Designer at PSM Squared in Tempe, Arizona

Before joining PSM Squared in 2016, Shawn Gharagozlu worked for Championship Productions, Active Forever and Visionpoint Productions as a Graphic Designer.

PSM² understand the challenges their clients experience, so they specialize in providing essential tools to keep projects on-track and on-budget.  Established in 1988, PSM² has the practical field experience and the know-how to manage communication processes and procedures, coordinate logistics and distribute information.  PSM Squared's services are customizable for State, County and City agencies, construction contractors, planners and designers.

PSM Squared's (PSM²) core values include integrity and quality, and our values inform our approach.  They believe in supporting their clients with exceptional customer service, always ready to meet their needs.

PSM² take a responsive, all-hands-on-deck approach.  When a project is in planning or design, they’ll get the word out.  During construction, last-minute schedule and logistical changes arise and we are equipped to respond quickly and professionally. Each project has its own set of opportunities and challenges, and PSM² are there to assess and deliver.

PSM² offer the following services:

  • Project communication
  • Construction coordination and logistics
  • Community and stakeholder outreach
  • Wayfinding systems
  • Signage and graphics

Shawn Gharagozlu earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Degree in Graphic Design from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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See his work at PSM Squared.

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