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2017 SEGD Arrow Award Winner

1975, SH Immersive Environments (formally Système Huntingdon Inc.) At the time of its creation, SHI essentially offered design and fabrication of trade show exhibits, showrooms and display components.

1989, the first innovative product launched by Système Huntingdon Inc. made its entry into the world of graphics. Folia™ custom laminates were born with the goal of integrating corporate branding visuals into SHI’s architectural concepts in a permanent and durable way. Folia™ quickly won great success and the development of many useful applications ensued. Folia™ met a growing demand in new markets due to the durability of the product and its benefits.

2006, SH Immersive Environments introduced another innovative product, Alto™. It is a unique, durable, environmentally friendly process enabling spectacular graphics to be applied to a variety of metallic materials. Equally ingenious and effective as Folia™, Alto™ has the additional and unique capability of allowing graphic application to nearly any textured or three-dimensional, recoverable or recyclable metal material.

Work in partnership with our clients, allowing them to benefit from our talents and efficiency while distinguishing ourselves with incomparable service.

Provide added value to products and services for our clients in order to ensure their success and ours.

SH Immersive Environments offers durable, Creative Architectural Solutions for signage, merchandising, theming & branding

What makes SH Immersive Environments unique?
Combination of graphic & fabrication
Architectural Solutions
Human resources

Inside SH Immersive Environments

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2017 SEGD Arrow Award Recipient SH Immersive Environments
2017 SEGD Arrow Award Recipient SH Immersive Environments

2017 SEGD Arrow Award: SH Immersive Env

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