Setting the Bar for Excellence—Best of Show Winners Through the Years

Since its inception in 1987, the SEGD Global Design Awards have become one the best indicators of how experiential graphic design has progressed over the years. Representing the best projects and most innovative designers in the field, the awards program provides recognition on a global platform—and sets the bar for firms who strive to push the boundaries.

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The best of the best are awarded the coveted Best of Show award. Scroll through the slideshow above to see what it takes to be the best in the world, year after year.

LAX Tom Bradley International Terminal, Best of Show 2014

With the new Tom Bradley International Terminal, Los Angeles World Airports also sought to elevate the passenger experience using new and innovative applications of digital media. A multidisciplinary team including MRA International, Sardi Design, Moment Factory and Digital Kitchen created an epic digital landscape called the Integrated Environmental Media System. The $40 million system consists of seven architecturally-scaled media features designed to create a one-of-a-kind passenger experience, provide a revenue platform for the airport, develop dynamic brand expression for LAX, and provide an intelligent media environment programmed for future expansion. A sponsorship-based revenue platform, the first of its kind in an international airport, provides the basis for an ongoing, ever-evolving experience.

Jury Comment:

“A total immersive and experiential installation that conjures the emotion and excitement of travel. Important logistics are displayed as they are needed and helpful to the traveler. We are entertained and captured by the tower. And we begin to anticipate the culture and adventure of the places we are going as we walk to our plane.”

Platform Summit 2014, Best of Show 2015

Platform is a non-profit organization with the important mission to increase the interest and participation of underrepresented groups in the fields of technology and entrepreneurship, with a particular focus on African-Americans, Latinos, and women. In October 2014, the second annual Platform Summit was held on the grounds of Morehouse College, the famous black men’s liberal arts college in Atlanta. Pentagram Partner Eddie Opara and team were tasked with designing the collateral, wayfinding, and digital experience for the summit and teamed up with Molly Heintz of Superscript to devise and develop the overall strategy. Building on the previous year’s graphic program, the designers developed a new interior and exterior wayfinding system for the event.

Jury Comment:

“This project builds a highly sophisticated bridge between relevance and aesthetics. Sidestepping all visual cliches that might be associated with a conference for underrepresented groups in the fields of technology and entrepreneurship, it establishes a holistic design approach that generates its uniqueness through visual boldness, yet formal constraint. Special kudos for an innovative use of real-time and low-resolution dynamic media, which add visual intrigue to the speakers on stage.”

INFORMATION, Best of Show 2016

The role of information in modern society is constantly growing and the discipline and role of information design continues to evolve. This was the basic concept for INFORMATION, an exhibition at the Art Academy of Latvia focusing on the products, services and processes of graphic design in Latvia. The exhibition demonstrated 12 different applications of information design in Latvia, including packaging, visual identity, book design, data visualization, interactive and digital tools, etc. The exhibit included 66 works by Latvian designers—all very different, but united by a passion for graphic design.

Jury Comment:

"From concept to implementation, this exhibition stays deftly true to its educational and experiential goals. It would be easy to see this as just beautiful layout or typography only, but the depth with which this exhibition explores and layers the elements of design in Latvia viscerally enunciates how information design enables our access and ability to address the world around us. Every move is intentional, and most importantly it acknowledges that the audience is what matters. Human interaction/movement adds yet another interpretative layer to the narrative."

Kunstmuseum Basel Light Frieze, Best of Show 2017

The light frieze was co-created by iart’s engineering and design team and architects Christ & Gantenbein. It was already part of the design for the extension to the Kunstmuseum Basel in 2010, located in the city center of Basel, Switzerland, at the intersection of five streets. From the very beginning of the project, instead of using banners, flags or screens, the design team searched for a media solution that is both architectural and facilitates the external communication of the museum. To the designers, a building’s facade is always more than just a wall and a framework for the entrance. It always reflects—albeit in very different ways—the aspirations, the essence and the functions of the building.

Jury Comment:

"This project is simply breathtaking. It redefines what it means to integrate digital environmental graphics with architecture in the public realm. It totally blurs the lines between communication design and built environment design where both are read as one unified expression."


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