Serra Museum - Keith Helmetag


Serra Museum, San Diego History Center, Virtual Tour and Discussion
Keith Helmetag, Partner, C&G Partners discusses use of design to create a healing place to tell the story of the Kumeyaay Settlement

Today we are considering how we create experiences that tell whole truths? And, how do we tell those whole stories in the light of long standing racial negation, and an equally long-standing attitude of white privilege? How do we heal community division by design?

That was the work that Keith Helmetag, a founder of C+G Partners, undertook in designing the welcome exhibitions at San Diego’s Serra Museum. Keith’s portfolio spans both the experiential design field and his broadspanning passions that include science and astrophysics, sustainability and climate change, urban design and cultural equity. Keith has had a hand in creating experiences at the NY State Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the 9/11 Memorial & Museum, the John F. Kennedy Library, the New York Botanical Gardens, and special exhibitions at the San Diego History Center.

Keith has received awards from the American Institute of Architect’s Committee on the Environment, as well as SEGD, is a grantee of Sappi Ideas That Matter, and was a finalist for the Smithsonian’s National Design Award in Communication Graphics.

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