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Sensitile® is an internationally-recognized designer and manufacturer of inspiring and sustainable materials for a wide range of architectural and design applications. Material design, prototyping, manufacturing, detailing, fabrication, packaging and shipping, all occur exclusively from our only location, in Michigan USA. Each material line has a unique aesthetic that dynamically integrates and interacts with different environments and its inhabitants to create unforgettable experiences.

Our hand-crafted materials are not simply stamped from stock but start from raw materials. Each has a unique story as it goes through the iterative, detailed process of production. We offer a spectrum of solution packages, which include combinations of materials and hardware and/or lighting. Each component is carefully customized to the design intent and fine-tuned to integrate with each other and, as a whole, to the installed environment. Alternatively, for a more hands-on approach, our materials can be purchased by the sheet and fabricated for installation.

We are very experienced with large orders, international projects, roll-outs, and brand standardization, and provide full support to our customers from early design to installation and through the life of the material.
Just as we are committed to excellence and innovation in the creation of our award-winning materials, we strive to find new ways to integrate environmentally-conscious practices into our work culture and the manufacturing process, from procurement through shipping.

No volatile compounds (VOCs) are emitted during the production of our materials or during their installed life-cycle. Our commitment to sustainability and the environment also fuels our tireless efforts to increase the recycled content in our materials. The high degree of optical clarity required of our raw materials makes this quest challenging. However, we are pleased to announce a milestone achievement - nearly all our materials, including light fixtures, now incorporate recycled content.

For a list of awards please visit:

Stanley Beaman & Sears, Atlanta, GA – Jennifer Wilkinson
The Sensitile Scintilla was a catalyst for hands-on activity in the Kennedy Krieger Lobby. We selected the product for a vertical application due to its transmittance of light, sensory stimulation with light and shadow effects, smooth surface for easy cleaning, and its low-tech, high-impact results. Located at the check-in desk and lobby area helped to invite people into the space and immediately interact with the building.

Lippincott, NYC - Fabian Diaz
For the Delta Sky Clubs, our objective in specifying Sensitile was to signal the modernity, transparency and more premium image of the rebranding to customers. Completely different than the previous ‘Crown Room Clubs’ the Sky Clubs aligned with other premium experience, that Delta’s business class customers were accustomed to, such as luxury hotels and restaurants. It also provided Delta with more proprietary environmental design cues in their toolkit.

San Diego Hilton
Norie Sato, Seattle, WA
The Sensitile Jali was custom laminated with a printed film image to create a glowing, framed artwork for the lobby of the San Diego Bayfront Hilton Hotel.  The unique commissioned artworks are in front of a backlit lantern wall, so the light transmission quality was important. The image "distorting" quality created a mystery and a sparkle that a simple printed image would not produce, yet the printed image was very visible. The artwork creates a focal point for the lobby as well as a unique presence within the busy hotel lobby.  The artwork was made in a custom size at the factory, and then put together on site to create the large 14' x 12' size for the artwork.

American Airlines Admirals Clubs
American Airlines – Mimi Chen
We have selected Scintilla as a signature material for our airport lounges to highlight and bring to life certain feature areas often considered the “heart” of our spaces—primarily the bars and/or beverage serveries, which for many of our guests are a key focal point and destination area of the lounge.  The dynamic, interactive nature of the material helps to activate and draw attention to the space, providing a backdrop to an engaging customer service experience with the bartender and other lounge guests.  Also, we have leveraged the ability to specify different colors of the material to emphasize a branded consistency across the various tiers of our lounge products while at the same time differentiating between them.

Ciena Offices (various)
Atmosphere Studios, Salt Lake City, Utah – Elliot Hansen
Sensitile has been a great addition to our client’s “branded materials palette” for many years.  The dynamic nature of the material works well with the messaging that we want to convey through architectural design, the interaction with light is a nice tie in with our client’s connection to the fiber optic industry, and the fact that it comes in so many unique varieties has allowed us to “own” the look as something special that stands out and makes an impression on our customers, while also allowing for evolution and customization through many different applications.

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