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SEGD Global Design Awards

National Building Museum Summer Block Party—Lawn
National Building Museum Summer Block Party—Lawn
YouTube Lobby
YouTube Lobby

Experiential Systems Design and Integration:

SenovvA is a technical design and management group offering services to the entertainment, special event, architectural/construction and media services industries.

We design and deliver media systems, support and structural fabrication concepts, media content, and conceptual technology design. We have the experience to adapt and communicate with clients and partners in their chosen platforms and deliverables. We don’t push our own technology techniques and solutions on your project; we became adept at your disciplines and solutions to support you.

We are not a traditional “digital systems design consultant,” repackaging known solutions from a previous systems specification, meant to be fulfilled by someone else (usually the lowest bidder) from a 400-page design specification of equipment we’ve never touched, or chosen from our line cards.

SenovvA does full systems design, specific to each project, working from proven subsystems, as well as taking into account newer, more cost-effective, and feature-rich products and techniques.

Likewise, we are not a conventional “AV integrator,” working from someone else’s design specification, selling from our limited dealerships and line cards. We source and install what’s appropriate for the project, appropriate for the budget, meets our specification for fulfilment, as well as support in the future.

Capacity/Expansion Planning:

The only given in technology is that it will change, perhaps tomorrow, perhaps today!

Our design philosophy always takes into account future capacity and expansion planning. Even when value engineering removes major features from a given systems design, we pursue leaving an upgrade/expansion path that doesn’t back the system into a cul-de-sac of obscurity and obsolescence. To this end, we offer SenovvA Care and integrated CSA and maintenance program that includes warranty service, extended service plans, and even staffing and training options.

SenovvA Advanced Development Projects Group:

The SenovvA Advanced Project Development Group (ADP) was created to be both SenovvA’s research and development group, as well as the team who responds to the most demanding projects and deliverables that we encounter.

As a technical R&D group, SenovvA ADP proudly hails the influence and motives of special development groups and Skunkworks™ groups before them, while adopting and adapting their workflows and best practices to our various markets. The heritage we honor is one of “no failure, on time, under budget, AND innovative delivery.”  It is these multidisciplinary skillsets, mined from the best practices of multiple sectors we encounter, and autonomy of a “special projects” group that allow us to maintain budget and schedule integrity, while mining as much a possible from the value proposition and design intent of any given project.

ADP team members are masters of several different technical, creative, and allied tradecraft skill sets. They must be able to work and function in many different sectors from entertainment, to creative content, media systems, to architectural and building disciplines. They must be technical designers, expert technical operators, project managers, content creators, and producers.

They must successfully complete a number of live real-world projects where they fulfil ALL those roles in a team culture environment. Lastly, they have to commit to maintaining several skills at a master level at all times, and to create, train, and drill on new techniques and procedures at all times. They aren’t just the best technical specialists, these are multidisciplinary experts, and these are people who have taken their skills and experience to the next level across multiple disciplines and industries.

Clients Include:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • The Related Group
  • Hilton International
  • MIT
  • Rockwell Group
  • Walmart Lab
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

Project Examples

  • Hilton Innovation Galley, McClean, VA
  • MIT CTL Pre-Visualization Lab, Boston, MA
  • Hudson Yards Sales Center, Manhattan, NY







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LAB at Rockwell Group's Storytelling Magic at Hudson Yards Experience Center
LAB at Rockwell Group's Storytelling Magic for Hudson Yards Experience Center

Rockwell Group and LAB at Rockwell Group ac

P. Michael Anderson at the Xplorer bootcamp.
Developing Digital Content with SenovvA's P. Michael Anderson

Xplorer Digital Foundations Bootcamp is a o

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