SEGD Wayfinding Event: Take Home the Three V’s

Wayfinding for transportation environments calls on all the fundamentals of the discipline, with a very crucial addition: the element of time. To create a truly comprehensive, highly functioning wayfinding system, Jim Harding, Gresham Smith and Partners, focuses on the three ways airport users will receive the information. Don’t miss his Three V’s of Communication for Transportation Environments at SEGD’s 2016 Wayfinding Event April 14-15 in Miami.

About Jim Harding

Harding leads Gresham Smith and Partners’ award-winning EGD group and has directed the development of wayfinding programs for numerous aviation clients as well as corporate and urban design and healthcare. He is also active in conducting research for the Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP), and his team is currently wrapping up two new studies—one on Improving the International Passenger Travel Experience and a second on Enhancing Wayfinding for Older Adults and Persons with Disabilities. He also served as the principal investigator for the ACRP’s Report 52: Wayfinding and Signage Guidelines for Airport Terminals and Landsides—a guidebook that provides airport operators with accepted best practices for terminal and roadway signage.

About the Three V’s: The Bottom Line

Harding says the most effective wayfinding programs for transportation environments consider and integrate the three ways that customers receive information about the airport environment:  Visual, Verbal and Virtual.

What You’ll Take Away

Harding will share the tips he’s learned from more than 30 years as an airport wayfinding designer. (And hint: it’s not all about signage). You’ll learn how:

>The success of the visual wayfinding is strongly tied to intuitive architecture.

> 90 degrees can make all the difference in sign location and customer confidence.

>Keeping It Simple is the Golden Rule.

>You are Here is Where It’s At.

>The Friendly Face Factor is critical for 10 to 15% of airport users.

>The Heathrow Effect: Done well, airport websites are the most important first step in the traveler’s journey.

>Digital signage and directories add an invaluable extra layer of information, especially for time-stressed travelers.

>You can leverage the power of airport data that show wayfinding is airport customers’ #1 concern.

Join Jim Harding at SEGD’s 2016 Wayfinding Event April 14-15 in Miami!

The full-day workshop Thursday, April 14, will be followed by a half-day guided tour of Miami International Airport with airport staff and wayfinding consultants.

Capacity in this popular workshop is limited, so you’ll want to book right away!

See the full workshop agenda here

Thanks to Miami International Airport/Miami Dade Aviation for hosting the 2016 SEGD Wayfinding Event, presented by Nanov Display Inc. Additional sponsors include 3M, Design Communications Ltd., AGI, Color-Ad Signs and Exhibits, Designtex, Direct Embed Coating Systems LLC, SignComp, Art of Context and SES Branded Environments.

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