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SEGD is focused on delivering valuable content through this website that is relevant for designers and their firms’ success. One example of's value to members is free access to the vast and growing gallery of videos called SEGD Talksthat cover innovative events, inspiring speakers and empowering talks from all of SEGD's physical events—including Xlab, the conference about cutting-edge digital experiences at the intersection of design and technology. 

If you missed the last Xlab or want to refresh your memory of a session you did attend, simply check out SEGD Talks.

Xlab brings the experiential graphic design community together into the conversation around technology that is transforming design—literally transforming the way designers think and perform. In SEGD Talks from the 2015 Xlab conference, experts show how they are innovating with cutting-edge digital applications and installations. You'll be inspired and gain insights to use in your own practice. 

Jared Ficklinshows you graphically and dramatically how technology is creating new experiences, changing familiar experiences, and replacing experiences altogether you are acquiring an essential connection to the business you are in today. Hear him define terms that are becoming part of the design vocabulary today: singularity, sentient machines, cognitive dependence, decision route support and semantic web. 

Mike Claredescribes the design reasoning behind the creation and implementation of LinkNYC—the transformation of thousands of unused pay phones into Wi-Fi enabled super-kiosks that are making New York a "Smart City"; a talk which will give you a unique first-person perspective on the level of experiential graphic design and technology that is transforming our cities and the way we interact with the world.

Xlab sessions like Clare's and Ficklin's are inspiring experiential graphic designers to use cutting-edge technology to create experiences that connect people to place in every practice area—exhibition, interactive experiences, placemaking and identity, public installation, strategy-research-planning and wayfinding. This interest in utilizing the latest digital technology and techniques is proven by the increasing attendance at the annual Xlab conference.

Want more?

Check out two more great examples of SEGD Talks from 2015 Xlab: Darren David-Transforming Public Spacesand Bryan Meszaros-Transforming Business.

SEGDTalks are great, but nothing beats the energy of a live conference with vibrant speakers, networking and hands-on activities like workshops and tours. Don't wait! Register early for Xlab 2016, Cutting Edge Digital Innovation: Innovation and Future of Experience Design, October 27 and 28 in New York.


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