SEGD SLC 2018 Winter Welcome at Waterpocket!

SEGD SLC 2018 Winter Welcome

Members of the SEGD SLC chapter met at a local distillery called Waterpocket for the 2018 Winter Welcome. Local distiller Alan Scott took the group on a tour of the distillery, sharing the history of fine spirts, the quirks of being a distillery in Utah and other stories from the company’s first year in business.

Members were offered an optional tasting and were invited to ask questions about some of the unique liqueurs and spirits Waterpocket offers. During the social and tasting, SLC Chapter Chairs introduced some of the upcoming SEGD programming and invited the group for their feedback.

Thank you, Alan, for hosting us at your distillery and sharing your wealth of knowledge – we look forward to seeing you and your product around Salt Lake City!

Missed the event? Learn more here: Waterpocket

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