SEGD Recurring Membership: Terms and Conditions

By selecting recurring membership, you agree to abide by the SEGD Professional Standards of Practice and you also agree to the terms and conditions below.

Automatic Renewal Terms     A recurring membership will renew 365 days after the last renewal date or the original join date. Thirty days prior to that date, a member with a recurring membership will be notified that their membership is about to be renewed and the amount of dues that will be charged to their credit card. Upon renewal, a member with a recurring membership will receive a receipt for payment by email. Members who wish to change the card to which their dues will be charged must notify the SEGD office at +1 202.638.5555 or [email protected]. Members whose cards are declined or have expired or been closed will be notified and asked to authorize the charge to a different card.

Material Changes to Membership     Members with recurring memberships will be notified of material changes (such as changes in dues or benefits) when all members are notified.

Cancellation Policy     A recurring membership may be cancelled at any time before the next recurring payment. The membership will then lapse at the end of the current 365-day term.

How to Cancel     Call +1 202.638.5555 or email [email protected]. Please provide your name, firm, email address and phone number with your request.