SEGD RDU at ASI North Carolina

SEGD RDU at ASI North Carolina

Thank you ASI North Carolina

A huge applause is earned by ASI North Carolinafor being such generous hosts! ASI North Carolina invited SEGD Raleighto their largest manufacturing shop in the country, located just 20 minutes southwest of downtown Raleigh, on Wednesday, September 25, 2019. The event kicked-off with a low-key social featuring local southern food and quenching libations. After a brief introduction by the SEGD Co-Chairsand an update on upcoming events, the team handed it off to John Dalpe, ASI North Carolina’s COO. John gave a warm welcome and presentation about the extensive history of ASI, their expertise, and wide-range of manufacturing capabilities locally and nationally. SEGD Raleigh was also fortunate to meet Jim Wolfe, CEO of ASI, who was conveniently in town from Texas at the same time as our event.

The Tour

John handed the presentation off to Brynn Knight, Creative Director and Scott Mozingo, Regional Manager, leading us on an extensive tour of the 45,000 SF facility. We were intrigued by all the specialized equipment and witnessed a cool piece of equipment in action, routing lettering and logos into a piece of high-density foam. We heard about some great strategies and value-engineer ideas that not only look as great as the high-end product, but cost just a small percentage of the original design-material. It was beneficial to do an in-person comparison of the material-types to visually see and feel the differences, as well as test the weight and densities. Without trying to pick them up, it was almost impossible to determine the difference from a visual stand-point.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Fabricator

This was a good reminder that your fabricators are experts in fabrication. Even if you have your heart set on a certain material, it is wise to seriously consider the modified options and understand the reason for the recommended change. Is it cheaper, safer, a longer life-span, a better product for the fine-details; or is it because the fabricator has overstock they are trying to use up? It’s always good to be up front and ask many questions of your fabrication partner to ensure you’re making an informed decision with value-engineering selections. We also saw a range of lighting techniques such as halo, edge lit, face-lit and back-lit, as well as the differences in LED qualities, spacing and temperatures.

Door Prizes & Attendee Gifts

The evening ended with three door-prize drawings. Two of the drawings were fantastic gifts from ASI, with Emma Wallace and Michele Graner being the lucky recipients. The third prize, sponsored by SEGD Raleigh, was won by Lydia Richardson.

The biggest surprise of all was the parting gift to each attendee. ASI fabricated mini, internally illuminated sign-boxes featuring the SEGD logo for each of us, packaged alongside an ASI branded pack of note paper and ASI pen. ASI also generously shipped one off to SEGD’s CEO Clive Roux,to enjoy as new desk bling.

A big ‘Thank You’ goes out to the entire ASIteam including John Dalpe, Jim Wolfe, Brynn Knight, Scott Mozingo, Silas Bass, Rhonda Lee, and Joe Casale.

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