SEGD NY Chapter Member Discount Offer

We are happy to announce that this month we are launching a collaboration with the Designers & Books Online Book Fair This program allows the SEGD NY Chapter Members to receive special discounts on books about architecture, art, design, and photography released by important publishers in these fields. This is an ongoing program. New publishers and books will be added to the Online Book Fair site each month. 

To receive these special discounts noted here, use this partner code, which is special for the SEGD NY Chapter, when checking out: 14CCXAA

AMMO Books 50%
Applied Research + Design 50%
Carnegie Hill Books (rare and out-of-print) 10% 
DoppelHouse Press 40%
Gestalten 40%
Goff Books 50%
Lars Muller Publishers 35%
Laurence King Publishing 50%
MIT Press 40%
Modernism 101 (rare and out-of-print) 10%
ORO Editions 50%
Paintbox Press 20%
Prestel Publishing 35%
Princeton Architectural Press 50%
Schiffer Publishing 35%
Strelka Institute Not Applicable
Wolfsonian-Florida International University 40%

New publishers and new books will be added each month. 

Check-out occurs on the website of each individual publisher, which gives you the chance to browse additional books from the publisher and sign up for newsletters and social media updates that may interest you. 

In addition to new and backlist books, the Online Book Fair also includes rare and out-of-print dealers, which will also offer special discounts. 

If there are publishers or books that you are interested in that you do not find on the Online Book Fair site, you can let Designers & Books know using this email link so your suggestions can be addressed. 

The Online Book Fair is a Designers & Books project. Those involved in organizing the Fair hope you will find it to be an enjoyable place to browse and discover books, and to buy new additions to your library. 


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