SEGD member firm, Arrowstreet, shares "Sustainability in EGD" survey result

Earlier this year, member firm Arrowstreet's Graphic Design Studio conducted a “Sustainability in EGD” survey. Please find a message from Arrowstreet below as well as a link to the full article and survey results:

Arrowstreet’s Graphic Design Studio surveyed fellow Boston-area designers to see what, if any, resources they use and how they approach the subject of sustainability in their practice. We interviewed fabricators to learn how they incorporated environmental practices in their shops and took classes to learn more about the use of healthy materials. While there are still no quick and easy answers, we do know the first step is asking questions and sharing information. Our hope is by sharing our findings, we will be able to create a network of interested people to continue the conversation.

Click here to check out Arrowstreet’s “Sustainability in EGD” full article + survey results

This is just the beginning of an important conversation for our members. SEGD Boston would like to thank Lauren Haggerty, Donald Suthard, Jenna Carolan, and Jessica Roach of Arrowstreet for their contribution. 

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