SEGD Denver Hosts Successful Rare Book Salon with AIGA CO

The Colorado Law Library hosts SEGD Denver and AIGA Colorado for a Rare Book Salon

This event was hosted by SEGD Denver and AIGA Colorado at the Ralph L. Carr Judicial Building in Downtown Denver, home to the Colorado Supreme Court, the Colorado Court of Appeals and a number of other judicial bodies. This building also houses the Colorado Supreme Court library which holds a large collection of very rare, old and unique books and publications. The building is also architecturally significant for its collection of art, artifacts and design. The building was designed with a towering atrium and glass dome that looks directly at the Colorado State Capitol, a deliberate juxtaposition highlighting the concept of checks and balances within the 3 branches of Colorado’s government, the judiciary, the legislature and the executive branch. This event included a tour of the building, as well as a special guided visit to the Law Library, where librarians, historians and other judicial staff guided the attendees through some of the rarest books in the collection.

ArtHouse Design generously offered to sponsored this event and Polly Brock, the Clerk of the Court of Appeals helped set this up, as her husband, Marty Gregg, is the principal of ArtHouse.

The Colorado Court of Appeals Law Librarian spoke occasionally throughout the hour and a half tour and Rare Book Salon highlighting major stories and providing context for the most influential law books. A general interest in history and typography created an exciting atmosphere within the Law Library. Being able to touch and take pictures of the books really provided a memorable experience for each guest.

After learning from the Law Librarian about some of the books on the tables, each person had the opportunity to flip through the books and really appreciate each detail of the typography, placement, and content. Everyone left that evening happy with new knowledge about Colorado history within our Law Library.

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