SEGD BE Preview: "Redefining Culture in a Virtual World"

Watch Time: 6 Minutes

In this video, Cybelle Jones (CEO of SEGD) interviews Jean-Pierre Lacroix (President of SLD) about Lacroix's upcoming talk and roundtable at the "Branded Environments." Lacroix will speak about how COVID-19 is impacting culture and changing the way we engage with other people. The talk and routable will explore how this shift towards the virtual affects branded environments. 

Jean-Pierre LacroixPresident of SLD, Lacroix is a seasoned strategic thinker with more than 35 years of experience in the development and implementation of retail transformation programs. Lacroix and his team help brands connect instantly, powerfully, and emotionally with their customers through design solutions. Lacroix is involved in all phases of a project, from strategic planning to design principles.

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