SEGD 2021 Xlab—Convergence of Experimentation at the Intersection of Digital and Physical

SEGD 2021 Xlab—Convergence of Experimentation at the Intersection of Digital and Physical
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In times of accelerated change, we have the opportunity to harness experimentation to forge a path forward. From January 27th—29th, SEGD is hosting our first virtual Xlab event, exploring our multidisciplinary vision: How do we, as designers, utilize experimentation to create bespoke experiences in both the physical and virtual realms?

We will share insights and inspiration from thought leaders, showcasing how our design community is innovating the experiences of the future. On the first day attendees will participate in virtual tours and  interact live through a series of workshops with realtime outcomes.

On the second day attendees will hear keynotes that push us out of our comfort zones and into a world of endless possibilities. We’ll see  through the eyes of industry outliers who utilize experimentation across multiple design thinking platforms.

Our final and third day of the event will provide unique approaches to virtual “experiential case studies” based on lessons learned from leaders in the design and technology industry. These leaders will share their failures and successes as experienced in the pursuit of new innovations and interactions.

Organizing Committee:
Abigail Honor, Founder, Lorem Ipsum Corp
Anna Crider, Principal, Entro and President, SEGD Board of Directors
Bryan Meszaros, CEO/Founder, OpenEye Global
Cybelle Jones, CEO, SEGD
Emily Wengert, Group Vice President of User Experience, HUGE
Inessah Selditz, Experiential Creative Director | Brand Experience Consultant

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