SeeType project was recognized by STA 100

SeeType cues you to hearing the sounds associated with letters.

SeeType, a font that aids reading, has been recognized by STA 100, an international competition that honors 100 best examples of typographic excellence produced around the globe each year. Included on the winning team is long time SEGD member Oscar Fernandez, Associate Professor Emeritus at the University of Cincinnati (DAAP).

SeeType is the first dynamic phonetic font that harnesses variable font technology to teach phonetics while in the context of reading. SeeType cues you to hearing the sounds associated with letters. For example, if you were reading onscreen and could not remember what sound the letter “p” made, simply roll over the letter, and the letter will morph into familiar images. Saying the images aloud cues you to hearing the sound associated with the letter. Peach, Penguin, Pig the common sound is /p/.

SeeType is used with See Words: Anywhere, a Google Chrome browser extension and API that helps struggling readers of all ages learn in a personal way. The patent-pending tool transforms letters to icons to cues readers to decode words through audio and visual cues on any digital content to help individuals learn basic phonics fundamentals. It acts as an assistant to readers of all levels with the benefits of accessibility, as it works on any device. Also, it increases the ability for any individual to learn with content that interests them which we think will help people stay engaged and motivated.

View the full award pageatSTA 100.

View the working demoof the SeeType font. Preview SeeType v2.0.


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