Second Story's Guide to Adapting to Life Under the Curve

Adaptive Spaces by Second Story

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Interactive design firm, Second Story aims to ease safety anxieties and empower people to return to shared spaces by developing Adaptive Spaces, a path to help businesses and organizations rapidly adapt to their every day physical experiences post-quarantine.

Adaptive Spaces was created using research in behavioral psychology, spatial and experiential design, and business strategy. The process enables rapid adaptations across five key aspects of an individual's physical experience; space, zero-touch technology, communications, emotions, and systems.

The path lays out each of these five key aspects and first, lists how communities have improvised a solution thus far, and then, lists how these operations can be improved and adapted to promote better interactions.

For instance, communication, right now, looks like makeshift signage (including banners, a-frame signs, and handwritten signs), floor decals, item limits per customer, and announcement over intercoms (reminding customers to social distance). However, Adaptive Spaces proposes advanced floor wayfinding to direct traffic flow, exterior signage that communicates store capacity levels, functional clarity communications integrated with service design, and ambient and explicit transparency of sanitization practices. 

Second Story also addresses the necessary shift from touch to zero-touch technology by exploring more practical applications and quickly developing solutions to every day interactions. From infrared-camera-enabled computer vision devices, and infrared touch frame overlays, to voice command tech, hover buttons, and body tracking tech, Second Story reimagines specialized touchless technology to make interactions less stressful.

Ultimately, Adaptive Spaces aims to help people—post-quarantine—more easily and safely navigate and interact with their environments.


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