Second Cup Rolls Out in U.S.

Shikatani Lacroix has been working with Canadian coffee company Second Cup International on its international expansion since 2007, rolling out stores across the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Northern Africa, and the United States.

While the design of the cafes has a consistent look and feel chain-wide that leverages its brand attributes of "fresh" and "relaxing," new stores in Florida were designed to reflect the environment, particularly the proximity of the ocean. While red is a predominant color in Second Cup stores, blue was used as a strong accent color in Florida. In the Naples, Fla., location, a full glass-panelled facade welcomes visitors to the cafe. An elaborate food counter featuring marble, quartz, and a mosaic-tiled backsplash divides two separate seating areas. Modern lounge seating is featured in the front of the cafe and clustered meeting zones are available at the back.

Shikatani Lacroix continues to roll out new Second Cup International locations across the U.S., Middle East, Europe and Asia. Second Cup is now located in 18 countries.

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