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…Xplore with Sam Stubblefield and Christian Marc Schmidt!

Sam Stubblefield and Christian Marc Schmidt both mix art, architecture, technology, and people, and see what happens. Stubblefield, experience design studio leader at NBBJ, and Schmidt, founder and principal of Seattle-based Schema, are true Xplorers. At SEGD’s Xplorer Digital Camp West—August 6 in Seattle—they’ll inspire YOU to Xplore and Xperiment. 

Sam Stubblefield encourages experimentation and the integration of digital technology in his work at NBBJ's Studio 07 and in his own incubator studio. Whether he's working on a permanent sculpture at the United Nations or environmental graphics at Google headquarters, his work frequently results in hybrids involving technology, space, and people. At Xplorer Digital Camp West, he'll be part of an afternoon session on Integrating Platforms, focusing on Sensors. 

More about Sam Stubblefield.

Schema, the studio Christian Marc Schmidt started in 2012, specializes in interaction design, visual design, and data visualization. Schmidt, a former senior designer at Microsoft and associate partner at Pentagram,  believes that the information age calls for new interfaces that allow us to not only consume content, but to create it ourselves. He'll share his own unique brand of exploration--and talk about Devices--at the Xplorer Digital Camp West as part of the afternoon session on Integrating Platforms.

Read our 2014 interview with Christian Marc Schmidt.

Both Christian and Sam's work demonstrates how technology can be integrated at multiple levels of EGD/XGD projects, and shows how experimentation and the willingness to explore can have major payoffs!

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>> You can still make Xplorer Digital Camp East in Philadelphia July 23!


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