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Sean Scensor, Safdie Architects

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Sean Scensor AIA is a Principal at Safdie Architects, the global design practice headquartered in Boston. With 25 years of professional experience, Sean has been Principal in Charge of some of the firm’s most ambitious design projects including prominent public institutions, innovative mixed-use developments and visionary masterplans. Sean has an accomplished record of orchestrating design and construction teams to deliver sophisticated projects with lasting impact.

Sean’s recent work has focused on several mixed-use high-density developments in Asia, including a nine-million square foot landmark project in the megacity of Chongqing, under construction. This work has involved managing large international teams, dense urban contexts and complex programs. The result has been a series of dramatic projects which reflect a strong public realm, a humane sense of scale and livability, and an inherent connection to landscape and the environment.

Sean Scensor now leads the firm’s work in South America with ongoing projects for the new city of Serena del Mar in Cartagena Colombia, beginning with a 140-hectare masterplan including housing, shopping and institutional districts built around a Grand Canal; and subsequent architectural projects for a major new hospital, Catholic church, and a commercial/entertainment complex. This new city, designed in partnership with a visionary client, promises to be a model for sustainable and socially-conscious planning and design.

Sean Scensor’s recent work in South America has expanded the firm into global health-care practice with the design of a “garden hospital” at the edge of a lake in the heart of Serena del Mar; as well as a new medical school and research center for the Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo, Brazil.

Sean is currently working on the design of a new exhibition in Montreal to mark the 50th Anniversary of Moshe Safdie’s seminal Habitat 67. The exhibit also showcases the firm’s research work, as well as current projects that extend the Habitat 67 legacy into the future.

Sean Scensor studied architecture at Carleton University in Canada and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


2017 SEGD Conference-Story of Serena Del Mar

On June 10, Sean Scensor will join a top-notch lineup of speakers at the 2017 SEGD Conference Experience Miami and detail how renowned architectural firm Safdie Architects shaped a visionary masterplan and designed an innovative health sciences center in the heart of Cartegena, Colombia.

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