Scaffolded and Adaptable Pedagogy for Data Literacy - Bree A. McMahon, Marty Maxwell Lane

Scaffolded and Adaptable Pedagogy for Data Literacy


Scaffolded and Adaptable Pedagogy for Data Literacy
Bree McMahon, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design
Marty Maxwell Lane, Associate Professor of Graphic Design
University of Arkansas

Abstract from 2021 SEGD Communication + Place
In response to emerging trends in design, students should be working with and having  conversations about data. But due to ever changing technology and complex software, students also demonstrate a need for accessible and open source tools. An adaptable and agile curriculum provides an opportunity for a scaffolded approach to pedagogy  that can quickly increase student competency. By designing projects across courses, students develop a more holistic understanding of the subject matter, in this case data literacy. This paper details two projects designed collaboratively across an adaptable design curriculum to provide students with a new understanding and ability to work with data. Timelines and tools are shared, as well as student outcomes and reflections.

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