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Sarah Pike, Starr Design

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Sarah Pike is a senior environmental graphic designer at Starr Design.  "Creating branded environments is my passion." 

With a diverse background including environmental graphic design, traditional graphic design, exhibit design, interactive design, consumer experience, visual merchandising, and fine art sculpture, I have found my home in branded environments.

I believe that as designers we have to remain focused on strengthening brands. It's easy to develop a personal style as a designer but I think it is most important to remain flexible to the client's needs. Deeply investigating a brand's roots and growth objectives is critical. I am constantly evaluating design decisions to make sure I(we) are on the right track.

Through the years I have had the opportunity to work with greats from many industries. I have spent a lot of time with fabricators which has given me a hands-on education in materials, processes, construction, and installation. Mock-ups are an everyday event in my studio.

I currently work with an architectural and interior design team that can only be described as dangerous. My role in most projects is creative director. I thrive in early schematic and concept design, helping fine-tune a concept and visually communicate to the client. I also am in charge of environmental graphic design progamming, interior features, and curated fine art for select clients. I am constantly inspired by those I work with and love to teach and learn. We believe that telling clients what they need to hear and not just what they want to hear, is key to a successful process and outcome.

I love my work. I am grateful for that. Everyone should be so lucky.

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