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Pollinator Park
Pollinator Park
"Start an Evolution"Donor Recognition
"Start an Evolution" Donor Recognition

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A creative problem-solver, Sarah English thoughtfully combines visual and experiential aesthetics with effective communication. She creates and implements communication design, exhibits, signage and wayfinding systems and branded environmental graphics for mixed-use, retail, commercial, hospitality, civic and education applications. With a holistic approach and great attention to detail, her work satisfies both sides of her brain: creative conceptualization and development, balanced with hyper-analytical signage programming and construction documentation.

Sarah English believes that a multi-disciplinary approach to design makes for a more profound impact and always enjoys the opportunity to collaborate with the many inspiring clients, colleagues, artists, consultants and fabricators in her community.

Volunteer Activities: SEGD Portland Chapter - Design Museum Portland

View more of Sarah English's work on her website.Connect with Sarah on LinkedIn.

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