Sara Whatley

Sara Whatley is a Designer at Huie Design in Atlanta

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Sara Whatley is a Designer at Huie Design in Atlanta.

Since joining Huie Design in 2016, Sara Whatley has created powerful links between design and the built environment for her clients. Her passion and background focus on pushing the boundary of graphic design and exploring new design mediums including identity design, marketing materials, web design and environmental graphics.

Sara Whatley’s approach lies in constructing a branded vision for her client, then working with a variety of mediums to accomplish a multidimensional project.

At Huie Design, experiential graphic design attracts and connects people to the essence of a place or experience. It’s about weaving diverse ideas and elements into a singularly compelling presence that says, “You are here.”

Early collaboration is the key to designing a dynamic user experience. It’s the collaborative process – where architects, developers, lighting, landscape, and experiential graphic design professionals concept as a team — that creates a compelling, seamless experience.

Without thoughtful environmental graphic design, an otherwise positive visitor experience can crumble into a stressful, undesirable encounter that won’t soon be forgotten. Environmental design is a critical element that is best integrated into the design concept from the outset.

With experience in public and private retail, mixed-use, campus, sports and transit, Huie Design have a rich and varied history of creating uniquely branded environments with innovative, flexible and functional wayfinding master plans and forward thinking design guidelines. Developing the visual and functional aspects of wayfinding, branding, mapping and information design is not just our job ­– it’s our passion.

Huie Design has built a reputation for efficiently managing environmental graphic design projects through all phases of the design process, on time and on budget. Huie Design is experienced, accessible and dedicated, and consistently deliver creative and cost effective design solutions.

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