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Sara Pasch, Bluecadet

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Sara Pasch is a Philadephia Chapter Co-Chair

Sara Pasch is a Senior Strategist at Bluecadet, where she leads projects that bring together the physical and the digital to create beautiful and cohesive experiences that are grounded in strategy and sustainable to maintain. Bluecadet is an Emmy Award-winning digital agency that creates world-class websites, mobile apps, interactive installations, and immersive environments. We collaborate with leading museums, cultural institutions, universities, and nonprofit organizations to educate, engage, and entertain.

Sara has over a decade of experience managing exhibition, wayfinding and web projects for museums and cultural institutions. Her entry into the world of design began at Gallagher & Associates in Washington DC, where for nine years, she managed exhibition and wayfinding projects, working closely with architects, exhibit and graphic designers, and fabricators, as well as content researchers and scriptwriters. Through her work on projects at the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Smithsonian, the Mob Museum, and the FDR Presidential Library and Museum, to name a few, she came to love how content and design could fill a room with rich materials, textures, and lighting in order to tell a story.

Prior to joining Bluecadet, Sara worked at Threespot, a digital agency in Washington DC, where she led digital and content strategy, website design and custom CMS development projects for clients including the Smithsonian Institution, the Edward M. Kennedy Institute, the Hilton Foundation, and the National Park Service. In creating strategies on the web for these place-based organizations, it became even more apparent that work on a website is never in a digital vacuum - it’s just another piece of a larger visitor experience.

Sara Pasch holds a MA in Museum Studies with a concentration in Exhibition Development from The George Washington University, and a BA in English and History from Denison University.

At Bluecadet, Sara brings together her experience in managing projects both physical and digital to help clients strategize about their visitor journey and use the right tools at the right moments. Her clients have included the Independence Visitor Center, the Lit's Building, Ford's Theatre, Princeton University, the Rosenbach Museum and Library, and more - ranging from large architectural installations, wayfinding studies, experiential master plans, small and large scale interactive media, and web-focused projects.

View Sara Pasch' work at Bluecadet. Connect with Sara on LinkedInand Twitter.

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