Saori Tahara

New York

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Saori Tahara is a Japanese designer and artist who lives in Brooklyn. Born in Hiroshima, she moved to New York City in 2012. She graduated The City College of New York of Master of Fine Arts in 2016, where she studies digital media art in Digital and Interdisciplinary Art Practice. Her career began as a graphic designer with a focus on package graphics, layouts, themes, and promotions. Her passion has always been in making digital images and the majority of her work is now exploring programming language for interactive arts and design.

Saori Tahara's videos and sculptures reflect the concepts of her childhood dreams and experiences, but from a futuristic perspective. “Doraemon” —a national robotic icon of Japanese animation— fostered a deeper sense of futuristic views that was integration between daily life and technology. Inventions from anime such as the teleportation door, bamboo-copter, and 4D pockets are all inspirations for her work.

Saori Tahara's intention is to integrate technology into natural activity. It is challenging to use existing technology to realize my dream devices. In her work, Saori attempts to visualize imaginate tools as real. Robotics to bridge computers and human life can be materialized in 3D printed sculptures. Her work demonstrates how computer cameras and sensors can capture human life, temporal patterns, colors, and time. Open-source programing languages, web cameras, and small computer hardware are my materials. Design has functional and practical values. The roots of her work are from design with the intention that artwork itself makes life easier.

She wants to put functionality in her work even if art does not have to be useful. A sense of humor makes ideas accessible to people, so she likes to include jokes within my artwork. Life does not need to be perfect as with machines, the same concept can be said of art. She wants to discuss the possibilities of the future in her work, which leaves hope and the simple pleasures of daily life.

View more of Saori Tahara's work on her website. Connect with Saori on LinkedIn.

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