Sanchita Tucker

Sancta Tucker, FIT
New York

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SEGD C+P Journal Sanchita
Creation & Reaction: Living in Harmony

Sanchita Tucker is a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology, pursuing a Masters of Art in Exhibition Design. She is also a part of the Exhibition Design Co-op at Gallagher and Associates, located in Washington D.C. Previously, Sanchita received a Bachelors of Design in Fashion & Lifestyle Accessory Design from the National Institute of Fashion Technology Delhi.

Sancta Tucker's undergraduate studies in Fashion and Lifestyle Accessory Design made her see creating products that could enhance one's experience. In an attempt to create a complete experience, she turned her attention towards spaces. Sanchita's strength and interest in conceptualization and innovative experience design has always encouraged her to design scenarios which are completely experiential in nature, at all levels, from the foundation, to the system, extending finally to the space.

Having worked in diverse fields, such as lifestyle product design, fashion accessory design, mall decor and music festivals, has made Sanchita Tucker sensitive to various issues and details, making her better and wiser as a Space, Exhibition and Experience Designer!


  • SUNY Purchase PC4 Fellowship - Lead Exhibition Designer Position.
  • Second position in the top three projects chosen at the end of Sponsored project WCS Queens Zoo - Wayfinding &Conservation Signage System.
  • Winning poster for the Thesis Capstone Event 2016 for FIT Graduate Exhibition Design
  • Program, to be used for all the print and advertisement purposes.

View Sanchita Tucker's portfolio on Behance. Connect with Sanchita on LinkedIn.

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